Food Philosophy

Your dietitian loves food! 


Does that surprise you?  Do you find that you label food as either "good" or "bad?"  Do you feel guilty after eating "bad" food?  If so, I’d love to help you rediscover a healthy relationship with food.  It’s understandable that you might feel confused when it comes to choosing nutritious foods.  Nutrition science is constantly evolving as new research is published that, at times, contradicts past research.


The diet industry always seems to be selling a new gimmick that promises to give you results like never before. Then you have the constant bombardment of food marketing campaigns trying to persuade you to consume their product for ____________ (fill in the blank with "heart health," "improved brain function," or "lower cholesterol" - the list could go on).  The good news is that dietitians are trained to bust the myths and provide clarity about food and wellness! 

It’s no secret that food can impact the way you look and feel each day. After all, food is fuel for your body, ultimately enabling you to sustain life.  My goal is to help you develop the tools you need to choose REAL foods that will give you energy to live vibrantly.  First, I will take your individual needs into consideration. Then, we can work together to develop a plan for you to create lasting healthy habits.  These are the lifestyle changes you WANT to make and will continue when you FEEL the difference.  

Your body is your vehicle carrying you through life. You only get one, so treat it well. Whether your goal is weight loss, fueling athletic performance, managing chronic disease, or general wellness, I can help! 


Be well,